When Amateurs Become Pros

Trading Advice: From My Journal to Yours…

  1.   Trading is simple, but it’s not easy. If you want to stay in this business, leave “hope” at the door and stick to your stops.
  2.   When you get into trade, make risk management the priority. Profits take care of themselves.
  3.   Trading should be boring, like factory work. If there is one guarantee in trading, it is that “thrill seekers” get their accounts ground into parking meter money.
  4.   Amateur traders turn into professional traders when they stop looking for the “next great technical indicator” and start controlling their risk on each trade.
  5.   You are trading other traders, not the actual stock. You have to be aware of the psychology and emotions behind trading.
  6.   Be very aware of your own emotions. Irrational behavior is every trader’s downfall. If you are yelling at your computer screen, imploring your stocks to move in your direction, you have to ask yourself,”Is this rational?” Ease in. Ease out. Keep your stops. No yelling.
  7.   Watch yourself if you get too excited – excitement increases risk because it clouds judgment.
  8.   Don’t overtrade – be patient and wait for 3-5 good trades.
  9.   If you come into trading with the idea of making “big money”, you are doomed. This mindset is responsible for most accounts being blown out. Focus on making good trades. Big wins happen because of good ideas.
  10.   Don’t focus on the money. Focus on executing trades well. If you are getting in and out trades rationally, the money will take care of itself.

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