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Welcome to our private weekend game plan session for stocks and options traders.


Each meeting reviews the previous week in the markets which leads to a discussion about the type of profits available and how you could have traded.

Then we dive into trading lessons and discuss what to expect, and how to trade the coming week.

We’ve found that these sessions prepare our members to maximize opportunities every week.


  1. Recap of Friday’s Market Action
  2. Unexpected Reversal to the Upside
  • – Market looked poised to sell-off further but sharply reversed
  • – Likely driven by short covering rather than new buyers
  • – Examples like AMD with heavy volume 
  1. Short Covering vs Pullback 
  • – Short covering happens fast as traders panic to exit shorts
  • – Pullbacks slower and more orderly
  1. Lessons for New Traders
  • – Don’t let unusual reversal shake your confidence 
  • – Focus on sticking to your strategy  
  1. Recap of Key Market Drivers Last Week
  2. 10-Year Treasury Yield 
  • – Market very focused on reaching 5%
  • – Got exhausted and reversed like oil did
  1. U.S. Dollar
  • – Also got tired and reversed
  1. Energy Stocks
  • – Were strong but finally rolled over
  • – Could be positive for rest of market with oil over $100

III. Trading Plan for the Week Ahead


  1. Monday-Tuesday
  • – Not much major news expected  
  • – Can trade more aggressively off price action
  1. Wednesday-Friday
  • – Fed minutes, CPI data, jobless claims
  • – More catalysts for volatility 
  • – Need to be disciplined managing positions
  1. Bank Earnings Start Friday  
  • – Big deal with rate impact on financials
  1. Scanning for Opportunities
  2. Focus on Relative Strength
  • – Google and Meta held up well before Friday
  • – Sort for stocks strong before market bounced
  1. Technology Still Strong
  • – AMD, Nvidia, etc.
  1. Communication Services Okay
  • – Meta, Google, etc.  
  1. Healthcare Rebounding
  • – Worth watching  
  1. Breakdown by Industry Groups
  • – Software infrastructure looks good
  • – Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler 


  1. Individual Stock Ideas
  • – Google, Spotify, XPO Logistics, FLR, DraftKings
  • – Bearish shorts like Teladoc, Dollar General
  1. Options Trading Approach
  2. Theta Positive Trades
  • – Collect premium as time decay works in your favor 
  • – Credit spreads, calendars, etc.
  1. Balance Bullish and Bearish Ideas
  • – Stay bearish overall but add some bullish trades  
  • – Tighter profit targets on bullish trades  
  1. Manage Trades Actively  
  • – Roll short leg out in time and price as needed
  • – Stay nimble based on market conditions
  1. Closing Comments
  • – Summary of catalyst events to watch this week
  • – Plan for bullish/bearish trades per analysis