Two Ways To Get Massively Profitable

Making the big bucks in trading isn’t hard. It’s actually easy.The problem is keeping it.I’m going to assume you have an edge. A method that gives you high probability trades. Always remember, the real risk in the trade is the quality of the idea.There’s a few ways we can fix this nagging (and all-too common) problem. The first and most obvious way is to lose less. Rocket science right. But here’s the deal, and a simple question.How much have you earned, on average, on your winning trades the last three to six months? Let’s start there. Most traders, especially those struggling are the masters of illusion. We can instantly block out the big losers. We pretend they don’t exist.Set a hard stop less than the amount you normally earn. Otherwise you will churn yourself out of the business, It’s basic math.We do the same for the bad trades. You know those trades that we absolutely know are crap, typically spur of the moment. Maybe even “justify” them with less shares. I have news for you, a bad trade with less shares is still a bad trade. Cutting up a 2,000 calorie cheeseburger into smaller bites is still 2,000 calories.

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So step number one to become profitable is reducing, and eventually avoiding bad trades. This instantly moves you closer to the goal. A trading account with predictable growth.So losing less moves you closer to break even. Not bad but not the goal.Nice, but not the solution to the real problem.So what’s the real problem? It’s your winning trades. You’re not making enough on your winning trades. Now that you have great discipline on the losers, you need to develop that same habit on the profitable trades. You need a system, a structured process for holding the winners.Obviously we have one, it’s called the profit maximizer. A step by step system for letting our winners become big winners. We set profit targets for the initial trade risk, but we never limit the profits. Once we hit the target, then we shift to profit maximizer.Holding winners isn’t easy. It’s actually stressful because it’s real money. But it’s the only way to get the brass ring.Make this a priority and everything changes.One more concept, and it’s an advanced one. There’s two ways to fine tune your profits. How long you’re in the trade. Giving your trade a chance to make those big gains.Or timing into those trades with bigger size.So time in the trade, or timing the trade. I have found both to work, but time in the trade working the position as you get positive feedback from price action is easier. And you have less risk on the losers. Which takes us back to step number one.

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