The Daily Ticker 3-29-23


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The Daily Ticker 6-12-24

Table of Contents // The Market Overview Of Today’s Key Themes. A big day for market-moving catalysts. The inflation report’s impact on the stock market will largely depend on how the actual data compares to expectations. A favorable CPI report could lead to a market rally, while a higher-than-expected report might result in a downturn. …

The Daily Ticker 6-11-24

Table of Contents // The Market Overview Of Today’s Key Themes. We’re in one of those situations where the charts look great but something feels wrong. The underlying sectors are mostly showing negative momentum, while at the same time the #SPY rests in a pause near all-time highs, I never like to use the word…

The Daily Ticker 6-13-24

Table of Contents // The Market Overview Of Today’s Key Themes. The non-reaction to the Fed was expected. Market volatility happens when news that wasn’t expected unfolds. That rule of thumb applies to earnings as well. At this point the only shock to the system comes when they announce a move in rates. Today we…

The Miracle Trading Plan

What if you could learn trading, with lower risk, faster account growth and with much less stress? Well it’s possible, and you can do it even with a small account. It’s not only possible but it’s just smart. When I started trading in 2000 I was taught to find a good trade and get size.…

Endless Opportunity

“It was never my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting. Got that? My sitting tight!” — Jesse Livermore Our weekend swing trade session was intense.  Almost an hour devoted to one question. “How do I  manage trades that move from positive back to my entry price?” (Thank you…


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