Seven Month Bull Market

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I’m afraid because it’s a bear market, said the untrained trader (yesterday).Should you feel this way? Is this point of view valid?

Heck no!“There’s always a bull market somewhere.” We all know this quote by Jim Cramer, it can be irritating because sometimes it sounds like cheerleading. But is that the case right now?What if I told you that we’re in the midst of a seven month bull market? The chart reader, and the investor would say I’m crazy, but the tape reader (our community) would look like bobble heads in agreement.The last four months of 2022 was a ripping bull market in industrial stocks. And the first three months of 2023 was a ripping bull market in technology stocks.

And now it appears order flow is shifting once again and moving into energy stocks and healthcare stocks.Sure, sure, sure, it’s easy to spot after the fact! Said the trader unwilling to learn the right way to trade stocks. Wrong again!We’ve followed the flow of money day by day, week by week and month by month and we did it as a team. We did it because we have a system for tracking and stacking the order flow, and then a system of tape reading to tell us it’s okay to look for entries.If you’ve missed this seven-month bull market, I’d like to invite you to think differently.Because that’s what winners do.

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