Must-Know Trading Lessons

NOTICE: Public access to these two coaching replays is now password protected. Please reach out to our support staff so you can enjoy the lessons.

May 5, 2024

Bonus weekend trading education…

Watch these two videos and fall in love with trading because consistent profits seem likely, repeatable – when you have an easy to follow framework.

Sometimes amazing, must-know lessons come from unexpected places.

This week not one, but two premarket game plan meetings gave us opportunities to discuss “needle-moving” lessons.

Take good notes, and implement what you learn.
This is the top shelf stuff.


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Game Plan Lessons: Risk Is Different From Volatility

  • The critical difference between volatility and risk in trading – and why you must understand it to succeed.
  • Why the speed of stock movement is not the same as your risk – and how to adjust your position sizing based on volatility.
  • The single most important question to ask yourself before placing any trade (hint: it’s not what most traders think).
  • The 3 key factors creating a market that is both uncertain and volatile right now – and how it differs from the previous 22-week rally
  • How to adapt your trading style when uncertainty is high to keep nibbling profits while controlling risk.
  • Preparing mentally and financially to capitalize BIG when the market opens each week.
  • The essential skills of assessing trade quality, volatility, and appropriate risk levels to become a consistently profitable trader.

Game Plan Lessons: Tape Reading | A Repeatable Framework

  • How to use economic data releases to anticipate market moves and stay ahead of the crowd.
  • The secret to successful trading: proactively identifying opportunities and risks, and adjusting on the fly.
  • The key market reference points you must know to make informed decisions and maintain control.
  • How to use tape reading and minimum viable criteria to compare price action and spot potential trades.
  • The little-known relationship between the previous day’s close and current day’s open that can help you predict market direction.
  • Adapting to changing conditions: lessons from the Boeing case study on adjusting. expectations and managing risk
  • The surprising benefits of engaging with the trading community, no matter your skill level (hint: it’s not just about getting hot stock picks).
  • The essential framework and support system that can make the challenging world of trading more manageable – and even rewarding.