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Welcome to the Monday edition of Stocks For Breakfast, where we dive into the most pressing market trends and investment opportunities. 

Did you know that the #SPY has an average bearish move of 30? That means when the ETF declines, it moves roughly 30 points.

Something to keep in mind when you are looking time your new entries.

We kick things off with a bearish case, suggesting a potential crash in the S&P 500 in the week starting 25th September. Is this a blip or a significant market correction?

Meanwhile, Cathie Wood, the renowned fund manager, is making waves with her latest investment strategy. The Motley Fool reports she’s been buying a certain growth stock in droves. Which one is it, and what does it mean for your portfolio?

In the tech sector, Amazon is making a bold move by investing up to 4 billion in Anthropic, a rival to ChatGPT developer OpenAI. This CNBC report explores what this could mean for the future of AI and how it might impact Amazon’s strategic direction.

Over in the commodities market, reports oil bulls are seeking higher 90s amid challenges from China and the Federal Reserve. As the world grapples with energy shortages and inflationary pressures, will this bullish sentiment hold?

Finally, ExxonMobil is forecasting a tripling of earnings in a key business sector by 2027. This Nasdaq article delves into how this could provide more fuel to the oil giant’s growth engine and what it means for investors. 

More Insights 🔦

**Follow Warren Buffett: Never Bet Against America**
Ever wondered about the secret ingredient behind Warren Buffett’s financial wizardry? It’s simpler than you might think – he never bets against America! 

Discover why Buffett believes in the enduring strength of the American economy.

 **Costco’s Healthcare Revolution**

Costco is shaking things up again! This time, they’re venturing into the healthcare space, offering services to members in a groundbreaking deal with Sesame. 

Learn how this could change the game for millions of Costco members.

**The Fed’s Interest Rate Pause: What Does It Mean for You?**
The Federal Reserve has hit the pause button on interest rates, but what does that mean for your mortgages and savings? Get the lowdown on how this significant move could impact your personal finances.

**CD or Money Market: The Financial Dilemma Decoded**
The age-old debate: CDs or Money Market? If you’re still on the fence about where to put your hard-earned money, this article is just for you! Uncover the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

**The Power of Morning Workouts**
Ever considered jumping out of bed and straight into your workout gear? Science says it could turbocharge your exercise benefits! Learn about the two ways morning workouts can supercharge your fitness journey.

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