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  • Options Trading Basics

    Posted by Pete on August 16, 2023 at 1:15 pm
    • Strategies for protecting your portfolio when the overall market drops, using the example of a ratings agency downgrading U.S. debt.
    • He introduces the “60/20/20 rule” – 60% of a stock’s price movement is due to the overall market, 20% sector, 20% company specifics.
    • When the market sells off, you need to hedge – add bearish positions like QQQ or SPY puts to balance out longs.
    • Having a process for picking trades using top-down analysis is key rather than just trading the same stocks.
    • You need to be dynamic and adaptable week to week as market conditions change.
    • Coaching and being part of a community helps you learn and grow as a trader.
    • Main themes are having a plan to hedge market risk, being adaptable, and focusing on continued learning/development rather than just specific trade ideas.

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