A Big Win And 10 Rules For Success 

Nvidia, AMD stocks fall on report of new U.S. ban on AI chip exports to China

Late Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported the Commerce Department could further block sales of AI chips to China unless U.S. companies first obtain a special license.

The ban would follow upon similar actions last year that threatened 400 million in Nvidia sales, but the company found a workaround in supplying a version of products that avoided the ban.

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Snowflake Stock Jumps After Partnering With Nvidia on AI

In a recent videoconference call session with reporters, Manuvir Das, Nvidia ‘s (ticker: NVDA) vice president of enterprise computing, spoke optimistically of the chipmaker’s new agreement with Snowflake (SNOW).

“Each end customer of Snowflake can create a model [suited] for themselves,” he said.

Snowflake is a leading vendor of data cloud and data analysis cloud services. It has more than 8,000 customers, as of April 2023.

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10 Proven Keys to Stock Trading Success

Rule Number 1:

Always wait for the setup: No Setup-No Trade

Easy, follow strictly designed plan of rules for entering any markets

Rule Number 2:

THE BEST trades work almost right away

Best placed trades, at correct prices, will simply accelerate in right direction

Rule Number 3:

Never take a big loss. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Remove it!

Never allow losses to grow, cut them short if trade goes against you

Rule Number 4:

Always perfect your craft and sharpen your skills

Study, learn, search, practice — always

Rule Number 5:

Be patient with winning trades: Impatient with sketchy trades

Run winners and cut losers quick

Rule Number 6:

DISCIPLINE to follow your plan is the key to winning in trading

Follow your plan, always, never deviate

Rule Number 7:

Never get emotionally attached to trades

Emotions are in every trade, plan sizes correctly and stay detached

Rule Number 8:

Always trade with the size that makes you unemotional

If you can’t sleep at night your trade size is too large

Rule Number 9:

Keeps things very simple and don’t over-think your trading methods

Simplicity is the key, don’t overcomplicate your trading rules

Rule Number 10:

Stay humble at all times

Always… Psychology is everything.

Remember, edges are found in the places between the battleground among buyers and sellers. Your task as a trader is to find those places and wait to see who wins and who loses.

Mature understanding of and respect of risk is the hallmark of the best traders. They know if you don’t keep an eye of risk, it will set its eye on you.

Ruin is the risk you should be concerned with the most. It can come like a thief in the night and steal everything if you’re not watching carefully.

Don’t spend all your time admiring the fancy tools and fools in the magazines or scam websites. First learn how to use the basic ones well. It’s not the size of your tools that counts but how you use them.

Keep it simple. Simple time-tested methods that are well executed will beat fancy complicated method every time.

Trading with poor methods is like learning to juggle while standing in a rowboat during the storm. Sure, it can be done, but it is much easier to juggle when one is standing on a solid ground.

Trading is not a sprint; it is boxing. The market will beat you up, screw with your head, and do anything it can to defeat you.

But when the bell sounds at the end of the twelfth round, you must be standing in the ring in order to win.

Your job as a trader is to wait for the best opportunities. Money is made stalking and sitting not being active & forcing a new trade each day.

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